IELTS Mentor IELTS Preparation & Sample Answer

If using a evaluation sheet, make normal notes there, too. Avoid using slang, contractions, and colloquial language. That is prone to lead to a weak, maybe non-existent, essay (and very likely a sleepless evening). Choose the most related factors and compose the Body of the essay. Briefly summarize the main points of the paragraph. Your […]

Learn how to get Started in Creative Writing in Just Three Steps

Read our full Microsoft Word review. The literature evaluation is a vital part of an educational essay, because it offers a foundation for the rest of your research. What indications can be found in the literature of the Renaissance that display the expansion in commerce following the invention of the printing press? This young woman […]

Top Q0 English Essay Writing Tips

Are you trying to enhance your essay writing expertise and obtain a excessive score in your subsequent English essay? See which skills are tested in IELTS Writing Academic. Be at liberty to order articles from educational databases and library services, buy a cheap e-book or two, and discover a ton of reviews on a relevant […]