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Corporate Donation/Sponsorship

We appreciate your donation to support our programmes and projects. Your donation to Prison Fellowship Nigeria is tax deductible. We will happily generate a receipt that your institution can use for tax purposes as recognition or proof of its gift.

Levels of Sponsorship

Prison Fellowship Nigeria offers a variety of sponsorship packages suitable for all types of companies. Whether your institution is a start up or a Fortune 500 corporation, we have something to offer you in exchange for your support.


We sincerely appreciate all forms of sponsorship, so if you have in mind an alternative level of sponsorship or an alternate idea for working with Prison Fellowship Nigeria, please contact us so that we can make it happen

Bronze Package – N150,000 – N249,999

  1. Recognition on PFN website.
  2. Complimentary Two Brooches

Silver Package – N250,000 – N499,900

  1. Company logo on PFN T-Shirt
  2. Company logo printed on PFN quarterly newsletter
  3. Company logo displayed on PFN website.
  4. Complimentary Five brooches

Gold Package – N500,000 and above

  1. All benefits of the Start Up Package
  2. Invitation to Annual Banquet + 1 guest,
  3. Company profile on PFN Site
  4. Backdrop and event brochure with company logo
  5. Larger logo on Occasion tee shirt.
  6. Complimentary Ten brooches

We also appreciate gifts-in-kind…

Is your company discarding office items, electronic supplies, mechanical parts, printers, projectors, or old Computers? We will appreciate it if you make them available to us. Please, feel free to contact us before making such donations so that we can make adequate arrangements.

Do you still need further information?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. If you are considering offering support in other aspects not captured on our website, please contact us here