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The Prisoner's journey

The Prisoner’s Journey

The spiritual formation of those involved in crime is very critical and central to their reformation and rehabilitation.

Sycamore Tree

This project brings victims and offenders (not exact match of actual offender and his/her victim), under the guidance of a trained PF facilitator.

The Onesimus Project

The Prison Fellowship Nigeria in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN),
Angel tree

Angel Tree

The families of inmates are NOT left behind. This program is designed to cater for the families of inmates especially during the Christmas season.

Restorative Justice Project

As a chartered member of Prison Fellowship International, we are committed to achieving a “contemporary expression

Promise Path Children Program

Promise Path is a comprehensive, community- and family-based care program designed to address the needs of the prisoner's children.

Youth Campaigns

Campaigns against crime among youths”, is Prison Fellowship Nigeria’s proactive crime prevention programme.

Healing Justice Radio Show

Healing Justice Radio Show is organized to sensitize, educate and advocate netizens and the general public on the use of Restorative Justice.