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Onesimus Project, Prison Fellowship NigeriaPrison Fellowship Nigeria is focused on capacity building and the deployment of innovative solutions for the prevention and remediation of crime in our society.

These are being achieved by the implementation of a number of special programs…

The Prisoner’s Journey

The spiritual formation of those involved in crime is very critical and central to their reformation and rehabilitation.

True reformation begins with a reconsideration of a person’s spiritual condition. When an inmate accepts Christ as his personal Lord and savior, he/she inevitably takes a quantum leap towards a new life. Read More

Sycamore Tree Project (Victim Offender Mediation)

This project brings victims and offenders (not exact match of actual offender and his/her victim), under the guidance of a trained PF facilitator.

This is to explore the harsh effects of crime and to listen to each other’s story.

We do this in ways that reveal the hurts, fears and emotions with a view to enabling the offender rethink his/her crime, possibly take responsibility and offer apology.

This is done in ways that repeat offending will be improbable; while validating the rights of the victim, healing the hurt and promoting reconciliation of relationships and restoration of community. Read More

The Onesimus Project

The Prison Fellowship Nigeria in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Covenant University, Ota and the Nigeria Prison Service runs a yearly 18-month (6 months pre/12 months post release) mentoring programme targeted at inmates nearing the completion of their sentence.

This program aims to check recidivism (Fancy word for going back to crime after release).

Previous recidivism rate in Lagos State before the takeoff of the Onesimus Project was 72.5% but it is now less than 20% for those take part in our project. Read More

Angel Tree

The families of inmates are NOT left behind. This program is designed to cater for the families of inmates especially during the Christmas season. Gifts and other forms of support are given by the Prison Fellowship. Read More

Restorative Justice Project

As a chartered member of Prison Fellowship International, we are committed to achieving a “contemporary expression of Biblical justice” — Restorative Justice.

Restorative justice “emphasizes relationships, accountability, human rights, healing, and transformation.” It is simply a more effective system. Read More

The Half Way Home

Relapse into crime and criminality by ex-prison inmates is largely traceable to lack of an appropriate post-release reception and transition platform. The immediate thoughts of a released prison inmate are…

“Where do I go?”

“How will I survive out there?”

The Half Way Home seeks to address these questions. Read More

Youth Campaigns

“Campaigns against crime among youths”, is Prison Fellowship Nigeria’s proactive crime prevention programme. This is targeted at youths and school children, highlighting the harmful effects of crime and the terrible effects of imprisonment.

This is achieved by the use of guided tours of prisons and lectures to discourage young persons from going into crime.

Material and Medical Support

PFNigeria is an observer member of Africa Union Commission on Human and peoples Rights.

We share God’s love and care for the body and well being of prison inmates through material and medical donations, outreaches and support.


This is a labor of love but we can’t take it as far and as fast as we’d like to running on love alone. We need your financial support. Donate Now!

You can make a difference in the life of an inmate. You can help rehabilitate an ex-convict. You can do your bit to reduce crime in our society.

God bless you for your support!