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“But what if…” The speaker began.

It was a tale of two families at different ends of the spectrum…

Mr. Dona Akonga was a security man at Akansa Holdings. Life was normal until one fateful morning. A detachment of police officers arrived at his house. He was wanted for questioning. There had been a major burglary at Akansa Holdings. He and his fellow security men were prime suspects as it happened during their shift.

They were held while investigations went on. He thought everything would be over within a week because he knew he was innocent. But contrary to his expectation, a week turned into a month, a month into a year and a year into ten years.

What would have been his maximum sentence if had been found guilty of the said burglary?

Just 7 years.

But then he had spent 10 years; released only because the new attorney general decided to review a number of cases. He was now released. But released with what; into what?

His family had been broken. His wife was the sickly type so she could barely cope with the extra burden of being the breadwinner. She broke down and because she had no one to foot her medical bills, died from a treatable infection.

Dinaya, his first son, had to take care of the entire family (He and two sisters). He did whatever he could but he was just a 17-year old kid. He eventually joined a group of fraudsters and was able to put food on the table for his siblings. Read the rest of the story here.

Life Recovery – The Onesimus Project

The Onesimus Project is: A Model for Change, A Reason to Hope. Project Mission: Being Partners, Forming Friendships & Transforming Lives.

The mere thought of being released after sentence is so scary to ex-convicts that often times, some have pleaded to be left inside the prison. The Onesimus Project offers prisoners and ex-prisoners Hope for a new start. What happens when prisoners are released? How do we ensure their lives on the outside are different from how they were before?

Restorative Justice

Prison Fellowship recognizes that the ultimate goal of justice is not fulfilled solely through the punishment of the offender.

Justice is accomplished when the damage done by crime to a community and individual victims is repaired, and when the offender is appropriately punished and rehabilitated.

Since 1983, through its category II consultative status with UN Economic and Social Council, PFI has actively supported international efforts in crime prevention and the just treatment of offenders.

The Green Ribbon Campaign

Green Ribbon Campaign is a Restorative Justice tool of Prison Fellowship Nigeria, aimed at crime reduction through the provision of a constructive moral environment for returning ex-prisoners back to society.

It is a well know fact that ex-prisoners are largely ostracized and stigmatized, with no one willing to help. This social isolation and rejection forces the ex-prisoners to seek company and help from their erstwhile criminal gangs and friends, in no time they hit at society, creating fear and insecurity.

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